"Appleseed EX Machina"

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    Following the highly successful anime feature "Appleseed," heroine Deunan and her lover/partner Briareos -- who was forced to become a cyborg after sustaining injuries as a soldier in World War III -- continue their struggle to maintain peace in the utopian city-nation of Olympus. However, the arrival of a new "bioroid," Tereus, causes some tension between the two, since Tereus was created using Briareos' DNA and inherited some of Briareos' personality, including his affection for Deunan. But Duenan must overcome this distraction and focus on defending Olympus from attacks by cyborg terrorists if she wants any chance of saving mankind from having to live under tyrannical cyborg rule. Produced by John Woo "Hard-Boiled," "Mission Impossible 2") and directed by anime master Shinji Aramaki ("Appleseed," "Bubblegum Crisis").

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