Justice League Flashpoint Nathan Fillion

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    DCU: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (DVD)


    In this thrilling adaptation of the 2011 crossover comic book, time travel allows The Flash to prevent a family tragedy, but the temporal ripples prove disastrous, creating a fractured, alternate reality: his powers have disappeared, the Justice League does not exist and Aquaman and his Atlantean forces are waging a world war against Wonder Woman and the Amazons. With the help of a much grittier Batman -- who in this timeline is Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father -- and Cyborg, now a government agent, The Flash re-creates the incident that brought on the anomaly and restores his powers. But only by somehow going back in time and preventing his earlier self from setting the time ripple in motion can The Flash bring back true reality. Breathtaking action and an all-star voice cast combine for a bold, emotional vision that will forever change the landscape of the DC Universe.


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