Midnight Chronicles DVD Christian Petersen

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    Midnight Chronicles Fantasy Flight Games
    Feature: Length -1:40:06. Widescreen. Region 1. Not Rated.
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    It has been a hundred years since the Shadow fell. The legate Mag Kiln has been ordered to travel to the small town of Blackweir to investigate the disappearance of a fellow priest. There he begins to uncover not only the mysterious and forbidden legacy of the town, but also the malevolent, prophetic force that grows within him. The first feature film from Fantasy Flight Studios, based on the award winning roleplaying game Midnight, Midnight Chronicles is packed with special features including a behind-the-scenes "Making of" documentary, a featurette on visual effects, deleted scenes, director's commentary, shooting script, storyboards, and an all-new exclusive adventure for the Midnight roleplaying game, based on locations and characters from the film.

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