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    In the techno-thriller style of The Terminator, T-Force explodes on screen with blazing action and heart-pounding intensity in a story of human technology gone awry. In the not-too-distant future, an elite team of police cyborgs take on the most dangerous criminals. But when they blow up a terrorist helicopter knowing there are six hostages on board, officials decide the T-Force is finished. All but one of the cyborgs go into extreme self-preservation mode, killing those who want to shut them down. Now, the hope of the city and its citizens lies in the hands of human cop Lt. Jack Floyd (Jack Scalia) and Cain, the lone cyborg who resisted the uprising. Together they must track the renegade killing machines and put an end to their reign of terror and destruction, once and for all.

    The year is 2168, A.D. On the planet Venus there is a large space colony and a mining operation owned by the megacorporation called Earthcorp. The Venusians have begun lobbying for independence. They feel they'll never have relief from the brutally harsh working conditions imposed upon them by Earthcorp until they're self-governing. With the Venusian colonies on the verge of revolt, Senator Daniel Banks is dispatched by Earthcorp shareholders to hear the Venusian grievances and begin to negotiate a settlement that will avert hostilities. The handsome, womanizing Banks is returning to Earth aboard the luxury space liner Terrania when disaster strikes. Nine people frantically board Lifepod Seven and successfully eject the pod from the interplanetary liner just moments before it explodes, killing everyone left aboard. While the panicked survivors escape with their lives, they must face the grim reality that the force of the blast has launched them out of the search-cruisers' range and that they are drifting helplessly through space without sufficient provisions to survive for long. When the survivors uncover evidence, which proves that the Terrania explosion was the work of a saboteur who is now among them, they realize that everyone on board has a motive...and that no one is safe.

    When a dazzling craft illuminates the sky above a medieval European village, the townspeople fear mayhem while the ruling party prepares for battle with the mysterious "dragon in the sky." After Princess Alba is discovered missing, the quest for power and the young girl's affections drive Klever (Harvey Keitel) to free her from the strange cosmic knight. But is that her desire? Worldly boundaries are crossed in this gothic sci-fi tale of power, greed and the universal language of love.

    In this supercharged thriller, David McLean (Kevin Dillon) becomes the center of a deadly conspiracy when he discovers a computer disc his recently killed CIA agent brother, Mike, left behind. After the government denies involvement in Mike's "accidental" death, David must hunt for the truth on his own...and with double crossings, high-octane chase scenes and thrill-a-minute plot twists, nowhere--and no one--is safe!

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