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    The first broadcast series may be the silliest--and funniest--entry in the Tenchi Muyo! franchise. The first four episodes set up the familiar situation of six women from outer space living at the Masaki family shrine in previously peaceful rural Japan. In this version, the outrageous space pirate Ryoko arrives first, hotly pursued by bubble-brained Galactic Police Officer Mihoshi. After their ships crash in a nearby lake, Mihoshi sends out an SOS that reaches Jurai Princess Ayeka, who goes to investigate, followed by her little sister, Sasami. When Tenchi's grandfather explains that the shrine was built 700 years ago to imprison a goblin, Ryoko can't resist investigating. She and Ayeka get into yet another brawl over Tenchi and inadvertently release the goblin, who turns out to be the eccentric scientific genius Wasshu. She gleefully adds to the complications and, as Tenchi says in a rare understatement, life is soon "like a carnival." The artists play the story for laughs and deliver. After the grimly serious battles in so many mecha films, it's a hilarious change to see an attack robot slip on a soda can, fall, and flail about like a turtle on its back. Rated for ages 13 and up, but suitable for slightly younger viewers; some sexual innuendoes. --Charles Solomon

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    Tenchi Universe - On Earth I (Vol.1) (Geneon Signature Series) [DVD]

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