Warrior Beyond Thunderdome Double Feature

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    Release Date: 2007/05/22
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    Road Warrior, The/Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (DVD) (DBFE) (Multi-Title)


    All roads lead to excitement for Mel Gibson's Mad Max! In a world destroyed by the ravages of nuclear war, gasoline is a currency of the realm. Enter Max, champion of underdog survivors living in a fuel-depot camp. Make way for him and The Road Warrior [Side A], the Apocalypse on wheels that put Gibson on the Hollywood map for keeps and ranks as one of the most mind-blowing stunt movies ever made. Our hero returns for more astonishing adventures in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome [Side B]. This time, Max defends the future - a group of abandoned children - and enters the gladiatorial maces-and-chainsaws combat inside Thunderdome arena. Awesome!


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